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Louisiana Thespians
Hall of Fame Nomination and Election Procedures

The Louisiana Thespians Hall of Fame has been established to honor those adults who have given outstanding service to the Louisiana Thespian Society and Louisiana Thespians.


  1. Any adult Louisiana EdTA participating member may submit official letters of nomination.
  2. Letters of nomination must be received by the Chapter Director by the registration deadline of the festival.
  3. Letters should contain the following information:
    1. Nominee’s full name, title, address, phone number, and e-mail.
    2. Nominee’s current school, business, community, or organizational affiliation.
    3. Nominee’s years of service to Theatre Education
    4. Nominee’s career description as a theatre educator.
    5. Nominee’s professional preparation (if applicable)
    6. Nominee’s years of service and contributions to the Louisiana Thespian Festival
    7. Nominee’s involvement in other professional organizations
    8. The full name, title, address, phone number and e-mail of the nominator
    9. A statement from the nominator stating that he/she can verified the accuracy of the information contained in the letter.


  1. The nominee must have served the Louisiana Thespian Society in a significant manner over a period of years. 
  2. The nominee may be a teacher, college/university professor or instructor, a conference host, a workshop or in-service presenter, a business person, a parent, or a member of the community at large.
  3. The contributions of the nominee may have focused on one or more areas, which have advanced theatre education for students and teachers or advanced the organization’s ability to serve its members.


  1. In any one year, the number of those elected to the Hall of Fame may vary from zero to two (0-2).
  2. Inductees shall receive a certificate or plaque.
  3. A committee composed of the current Chapter director and the current board for the Louisiana Thespians Society will select the Hall of Fame.  The Chapter director will then notify the honorees and invite them to be present for an induction presentation during the Louisiana Thespian Festival.